Our Approach is Different

At Strajectory we bring a consortium of experiences to create value at all levels of your business.

We seek to be agents of change, but we are selective about the engagements we choose. Our engagement model requires your team to be fully open to our process, and to embrace a compensation model that separates us from our competitors. Our customers recognize our value by providing us with a small percentage of ownership, a modest monthly retainer and the opportunity to earn our fees from the incremental value and revenues we help them create.

Strajectory is a leading strategy and consulting firm, working with clients to deliver a lasting trajectory of results. Every day, businesses rely on Strajectory expertise and down to earth approach, and on the combined capabilities and dedication of our exceptional team, to find solutions and seize opportunities. We combine a consultant’s unique problem-solving orientation, our extensive global network our deep technical knowledge and strong execution to help clients achieve success in their most critical missions.

STRAJECTORY is all about creating the right course -STRATEGY- and setting the right direction –TRAJECTORY- to achieve outstanding results.

When was the last time your strategic partner wanted to be paid from your incremental proceeds and from the implementation of their strategy!

"Commercializing promising businesses globally"