Partnering is deep in our marrow.

Stephen Dent, a pioneer in partnering theory and research, and the author of Partnering Intelligence wrote "we are ready to exploit the next frontier of competitive advantage: the people who create productive business partnerships by generating new ideas, leveraging technology, connecting systems and otherwise finding new ways to serve customers and grow the business".

Doug Sutherland is a product and technology strategist who grew up in the Internet world. Doug has been a principal in start-up companies, a senior executive in international companies, a consultant to small and larger organizations on process, product and technologies, and a sweat equity investor in several earlier-stage companies in Canada and the US.

Amy Ticoll - research associate with experience in software startups, large pharmaceutical companies, and academic labs. Amy is a Director of the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, and a published scientific author.

Steven Hertz - finance professional who provides a unique mix of marketing and brand management knowledge as well as a financial management rigour gained from leadership roles in sectors ranging from technology to coffee.

Richard Bozzato, PhD - an experienced pharmaceutical industry executive having led the development of innovative drugs, biologics, medical devices, and combination products in several therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, regenerative medicine, bone repair and orthopaedics, haematology and nicotine addiction.


We believe that our partnerships give us an elite business advantage, and in turn, our customers gain a valuable business advantage from our partnership as well.

"Commercializing promising businesses globally"